Automatic Roller Shutter

Manufactured to your specific requirements, each of our Automatic Roller Shutter provide reliable service & exceptional ease of use combined with an outstanding level of access control capable of withstanding high usage volumes to cope with all levels of industrial and domestic workloads.



Our range of Automatic Roller Shutters can be used to improve goods flow and minimise energy costs in environments such as logistics centres, food processing and distribution facilities, and vehicle storage areas. Our highly flexible solutions also help improve safety and convenience. They can be customised to match your building with a wide range of colors and materials, then complemented with your choice of optional features and accessories.



  • Auto and Manual Control
  • High degree of customization
  • Material Optional
  • Safe and easy to install


Large factory: Our product owns high quality and the size can be custom-made. It satisfies the need of large factory

Storage: High quality can guarantee the safety of stored goods

Steelworks: High quality can face difficult surroundings and guarantee the process of producing

Distribution center: This product owns steady quality and can ensures the goods’ safety