BEA Eagle-Six Microwave Motion Sensor

Opening sensor for all types of automatic doors

  • Operation Voltage: 12-24 V AC/DC
  • K-band planar antenna specially designed for automatic doors
  • Digital electronics controlled by a powerful microprocessor
  • Adjustment of basic functions with push buttons
  • Mounting height of up to 4 m


Thanks to the BEA planar antenna and its uni-directional detection mode, the EAGLE sensor offers a high level of stability and reliability. It is the solution for all types of automatic doors, irrespective of the surroundings.

Design – Improvement of the energy performances of buildings thanks to the unidirectional radar, which detects approaching movements and filters out movements moving away: the door closes earlier and reduces heat loss.

Quality – High level of stability and reliability of the detection area thanks to the planar antenna developed by BEA.

Installation – “3D” adjustment: the EAGLE antenna can be oriented along two axes:

– Vertical adjustment of the antenna: from 0° to 90°. This means that you can fix your EAGLE to the ceiling, without additional accessory.
– Lateral adjustment of the antenna: from 30° to the left to 30° to the right! Can be positioned to cover the door area relation to this door.

Activation of linear, telescopic, curved, swing, revolving and folding sliding doors, etc. Fine tuning with the universal BEA coded infrared remote control the EAGLE can be adjusted simply and rapidly.

Reliable – The features of the EAGLE 6 make it the perfect choice whatever the ambient conditions (snow, rain) and the expectations of the end users. Wide detection area gives high user comfort and good detection of approaching lateral movements.

Versatile – Appealing design for swing doors thanks to positioning the sensor above the pivot. Possibility to mount the sensor in the ground.

Compliance – Designed specifically to meet the highest demands of the world market.

Suitability – A wall, ceiling or transom mounted microwave motion detection sensor, ideal for use in commercial buildings, stores and factories.


Model Eagle 6
Sensing Uni-directional
Technology Microwave & Microprocessor
Transmitter frequency 24.150GHz
Transmitter radiated power < 20 dBm EIPR
Transmitter power density < mW/cm2
Detection Motion
Min. detection speed 5cm/s
Power Input 12V ~ 24V AC +/- 10%
12V ~ 24V DC +30% / 10%
Mains frequency 50-60Hz
Max power consumption 2w
Detection Area (Activation) Wide: 4m Width x 2m Depth (Mounting Height 2.2m)
Narrow: 2m Width x 2.5m Depth (Mounting Height 2.2m)
Tilt Angles 0 ~ 90 deg Vertical
-30 ~ +30 deg Lateral
Mounting Height 1.8 – 4m (max)
Colours Black / Silver
Adjustment Manual: Sensitivity +/- & Antenna Angle
By Remote Control: Sensitivity, Hold Open, Detection Mode, Immunity, Mounting Height, Output, Security
Temperature Range -25C ~ +55C


Automatic Doors