Jersey Barriers

Jersey Style Water Filled Barricades

  • Designed for safety
  • Light weight, easy transportation
  • Perfect for emergency situations
  • Nestable




Composition: 100% Polyethylene

Dimensions: 77″ x 16″ x 23″

Weight: 15-16 KG (Empty), 200KGs (Filled with Water), 350KGs (Filled with Sand)

Color: Red or White

The portable Jersey Barrier is possibly the sturdiest, safest traffic blockade available. It’s used to protect street-side construction sites and block off roads during resurfacing. Compared to the concrete K-rail, plastic water barriers are safer for motorists. Molded-in male/female ends lock together so installation requires minimal hardware or roadside exposure. Units can be locked at up to 15 degree angle to fit curvature. Water filled barriers come in eye-catching orange or white. These water filled plastic water barriers can be filled with sand or water – Easy to drain.

Lightweight Design For Easy Transportation

Since these water-filled barriers are lightweight and easy to transport, securing perimeters can be done almost instantly. Due to their lightweight design, our water-filled Jersey Style Barriers are the perfect tool for deployment and recovery.

  • To ensure optimum stability and security, Jersey Style Barriers can be filled with water.
  • When empty, these barriers are lightweight and easy to transport. That’s why they’re ideal for short-term projects.
  • Available in two colors, offering maximum visibility and safety.

When it comes to small jobs or short term projects, it wouldn’t be practical to spend a lot in concrete barriers. Water-filled barriers are the best solution for this. Not only can it save you money, but time as well- as it can be easily transported from one location to another. No need for trucks or cranes to lift it up, because these barriers were made to be moved by a single person when empty. Plastic Jersey Barriers are also environmentally friendly because they can be reused from one project to another.

These barriers can either be filled with sand ballast or water, and it wouldn’t bulge or deform easily, unlike other water-filled barriers out there. This means you can use your Plastic Jersey Barriers for long-term projects and their durability will improve the ROI of your projects and help you keep costs down.


Our portable and easy to use Jersey Style Barriers are trusted by thousands of professionals just like you because they are the highest quality products on the market.

  • Perfect for emergency situations as it only requires one person to set it up.
  • Size and weight make it a portable plastic barricade.
  • Features an inter-link system that allows our water-filled Jersey Style Barrier to connect to each other and form a line.
  • Easy to stack and separate; making storage and transportation convenient.
  • Available in two highly-visible colors: orange and white.


Our water-filled Jersey-Style Barriers are very easy to transport and place where safety should be prioritized. Thus, it’s an excellent choice for public works facilities, construction sites, and law enforcement needs- they are made with safety and mobility in mind.