TAU T-ONE-8BR Sliding Gate Operator



For Automation of Sliding Gates weighing up to 800 Kg.

DC sliding gate operator with encoder, complete with electronic control unit and built-in 433,92 MHz rolling code radio receiver. Speed up to 24 m/min. Intensive use.



The appearance of the motor body adopts anti-UV material which has outward retention in resisting any tough environments.

It not evolves residential environments, and the anti-theft clutch design can switch the operation to manual control easily when power failure.


• Obstacle detection and crush prevention
• In accordance with EN 12445-12453 standards
• Works even during power outage thanks to the optional backup battery
• 35% faster than the 230 V version
• Intensive use, ideal for use on apartment buildings and public entrances
• External emergency release available
(optional, P/N 650ESE03)
• Soft start and soft stop

• Low voltage DC gate operator
• Optical encoder technology (no limit switches required)
• Electronic control unit with built-in two-channel receiver
• Built-in battery charger



Residential areas, Commercial Buildings, Industries.