WEJOIN WJTS122 Tripod Turnstile

For public and personnel access control

  • 304 Stainless steel housing
  • Bi-direction pass
  • Arms auto drop when power off
  • Traffic light indicator
  • RFID interface


WEJOIN WJTS122 Tripod Turnstile is designed for intensive use in public access control. Its arm prevents unauthorized personnel access in restricted area, and can be accessed by any access control system. The arm will be locked after the passing of each person, waiting for next authorized person. The arm will be automatically in case of power outage.

Technical Data:

Voltage:                220V±10%, 110V±10%

Voltage:                50/60Hz

Control Circuit:   DC12V

Consumption:      30W

Passing Speed:     ≤35 Persons/min

Working Temp:   -20 ~55

Protection Gate:   IP40


1)  Stainless steel housing

2)  Bi-direction pass

3)  Arms auto drop when power off

4)  Arms auto rise up when power on and auto stop on obstacle

5)  Traffic light indicator

6)  RFID interface

7)  Photoelectric inspection

8)  RS232 socket, LAN socket

9)  If the passenger does not pass in valid time, the passage will be locked up again. The valid passing time can be set up by operator.

10) Passenger counter (optional)


Personnel Access Control, Public Access Control, Secure Sites.