September 22 2017 0Comment

Using Plastic Barriers For Your Project

When it comes to small jobs or short term projects, it wouldn’t be practical to spend a lot in concrete barriers. Water-filled barriers are the best solution for this. Not only can it save you money, but time as well- as it can be easily transported from one location to another. No need for trucks or cranes to lift it up, because these barriers were made to be moved by a single person when empty. Plastic Jersey Barriers are also environmentally friendly because they can be reused from one project to another.

These barriers can either be filled with sand ballast or water, and it wouldn’t bulge or deform easily, unlike other water-filled barriers out there. This means you can use your Plastic Jersey Barriers for long-term projects and their durability will improve the ROI of your projects and help you keep costs down.

These plastic barriers can be used in several locations where security is needed. It can be used in construction areas, roads and highways, water and sewer projects, and in cases of natural disaster or accidents. As compared to concrete road barriers, water-filled barriers are more practical for short term needs, as they cost less.

Plastic barriers can be used to redirect traffic and establish loading zones, crosswalks, or secure construction areas. Once they are set up, these obstacles can be filled with sand ballast or water for added stability. Each barrier has a 6-inch fill hole located on top and a 2-inch hole at the bottom for easy drainage.

Our professional-grade water-filled plastic Jersey Barrier is perfect highway barriers because they are easy to transport, set up, and store after every use. Since they can be moved, these plastic barriers also work great at construction sites and temporary work zones. Its high visibility could lessen the damage brought by vehicular impact.