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Using Plastic Barriers For Your Project

Plastic Barriers:

Plastic barriers are hollow plastic structures. They are lightweight, portable, and mainly used for security purposes. They are effective for traffic control on highways and around work sites. Plastic barriers are also very useful for crowd control and pedestrian walkways. When it comes to small jobs or short term projects. It wouldn’t be practical to spend a lot on concrete barriers.


Water-filled barriers are the best solution for this. It can save you money and also the time as well. Plastic Barriers are easily transported from one location to another. They are made of a lightweight polyethylene which is much lighter than traditional concrete barriers. It can reuse many times which will save the cost of purchasing new barriers.

These barriers can either be filled with sand ballast or water, and it wouldn’ deform easily, unlike other water-filled barriers out there. This means you can use your Plastic Jersey Barriers for long-term projects and their durability will improve the ROI of your projects and help you keep costs down.┬áHere are some of the advantages of utilizing plastic barriers for your next project.


  • Road construction sites
  • Road closure works
  • Building/worksite pedestrian control
  • Sporting events
  • Shows/galas
  • Car parks
  • Airports
  • Emergency access control

These barriers can be used in several locations in the road where security. It can be used in construction areas, roads, and highways. Additionally, we compared to concrete road barriers,water-filled barriers are more practical for short term needs and less cost.


Plastic blast barriers are also available for military use. Filled with either sand or water it proves to be effective for many applications including anti-terrorism, building security, blast mitigation, and force protection. The combination of strength and portability makes it an ideal choice. Additionally, each barrier has a 6-inch fill hole located on the top and a 2-inch hole at the bottom for easy drainage.

Our professional-grade water-filled plastic Jersey Barrier is perfect highway barriers because they are easy to transport, set up, and store after every use. Since they can be moved, these plastic barriers also work great at construction sites and temporary work zones. Its high visibility could lessen the damage brought by the vehicular impact.