Access Automation for Vehicles at Parking Places, Residential Buildings, Housing Societies, Toll Plazas using Active and Passive RFID technology


The E-TAG Vehicle Access Control System (eVACS) is and effective mean to control the access of vehicles to and area like, Parking Plazas, Residential Buildings, Housing Societies, Toll Plazas or any other place where the automated access or toll collection of vehicles is a requirement. The eVACS offers the advantage of un-assisted access to authorized users like residents of a housing society. In a multi-lane entrance where the visitors or unauthorized users have a separate entrance/exit lane, the system can keep the record of vehicles and persons going in and out of the premises.

The road barrier is operated by RFID Access Control Unit or it can be controlled via push buttons in the guard room. In case of mains power failure the system is backed up by an emergency power source like generator or UPS. In case of backup power failure, the barrier can be manually operated via a key.


Developed and manufactured by engineers with significant experience in the fields of security and access control. Assembled and optimized in our R&D facilities to give maximum performance and durability, the eVACS is an ideal product to control the vehicular traffic using innovative RFID technology.


The Road Barrier framework is constructed from fully welded, heavy gauge, high strength, structural steels completely encased with steel sheets to provide a self-shuttered module. Sub-surface fixing points ensure the barrier is completely secured to its foundation. UHF Reader and Control Unit housings are made up of ABS plastic material.


What is included

Electromechanical Road Barrier also called Boom Barrier, which is operated by Access Controller using E-TAGs or via Push Buttons at Visitors Entry/Exit Points. Also used at Toll Plazas to stop the vehicles for toll collection. It has built in intelligent control unit and manual over ride function

UHF Long Range Reader to read the E-Tags placed at vehicle’s windscreen. It sends the tag’s data to Access Controller which decides to grant or block the access of vehicle. It can also be replaced by short range RFID reader where applicable.

UHF Windshield tag with 3M adhesive, dismantles if removed. Incorporated by ALIEN H3 chip.

Mounting pole for UHF reader. It is also used to mount RED/Green Traffic Light or CCTV Cameras if required.

Information display board or safety sign board (Optional).

Customer Responsibilities

  • Power supply to the control unit.
  • Electrical connection wiring (not provided) between the control unit, the traffic light(s) and the position sensors.
  • Reinforced concrete base to fix the barrier and mounting pole.
  • Any modification in the installation structure


We strongly recommend the fitting of Traffic Light, Inductive Loop and CCTV Systems wherever the barrier control point is remote from installation location.
Pedestrians, Cyclists and Motorcycles are advised not to use a eVACS controlled roadway for safety reasons, additional safety measures can be incorporated into the system if required.

  • Additional LED traffic light.
  • Post to install traffic light(s) (standard AS model)
  • Push button box (open – stop – close).
  • Longer control cables.
  • Vehicle presence detector with inductive loop.
  • Safety cell Transmitter / Receiver on post.
  • UPS (emergency power supply for the control unit).
  • Database Centralization.