DEFEND UV4C Under Vehicle Surveillance

For Vehicular Traffic Surveillance at sensitive sites, Banks, Embassies, Shopping Plazas, Military Bases, Ports, Airport Premises, Strategic Industries, Border Control



The Under-Vehicle Surveillance System incorporates advanced digital technology to detect threats and diffuse situations before they happen and protect both facilities and citizens. Integrated advanced imaging technology provides opportunities for images to be analyzed for anomalies, tied to license plates, and stored in a data base for future comparison and identification.

UVSS is used to observe the under carriage of vehicles entering or exiting a secured area. Another multiplex of benefits for deploying a UVSS, is cost-effectiveness, reliability, and the nonintrusive nature. It is a reliable resource for public safety without straining the budget. Newer real-time video systems do not impede the flow of traffic while still offering hi-tech security. Facilities and communities where under vehicle scanning systems are deployed enjoy a greater level of perceived well-being.


  • Under-Vehicle ramp containing cameras and led lights in a water proof structure made of fully welded steel. Finished with powder coating to provide resistance against rust.
  • Weatherproof high definition HDCVI or IP Cameras for recording the number plate and driver video stream.
  • Power supply and Video Recording Unit placed inside the control room or any secure place.
  • Standard 19” or bigger LED/LCD display placed inside the guard room to view real-time video stream.
  • Automatic Road Barrier to allow/block any vehicle (Optional).
  • Vehicle loop detector to indicate the vehicle presence (Optional).


The UVSS framework is constructed from fully welded, heavy gauge, high strength, structural steels completely encased with steel sheets to provide a self-shuttered module. Sub-surface fixing points ensure the UVSS is completely secured to its foundation. Finished with powder coat to provide resistance against rust.

Dimensions Customized as per requirement.
Strength Constructed of fully welded steel structure can bear the load up to 10 ton per axel.
Power supply 220 VAC @ 50 Hz
Power consumption 200 W Max.
Camera Assembly 2 Cameras in the Ramp

1 Driver View Camera

1 Number Plate View Camera

Video Resolution 1080p Full HD
Recording Capacity 1 TB HDD. Up to 4TB Supported
Display 19” LCD/LED Display or Bigger (Optional)
Operating temperature -5°C to + 65°C

Power supply and recording unit to be kept in a room between 0°C and +40°C, within 5 m of UVSS

Duty Cycle 100 %, Intensive use



  • LED lights for clear image in day and night.
  • Incorporating High Definition HDCVI or IP cameras
  • Realtime video display and recording
  • Waterproof Structure
  • Low height design suitable for all type of vehicles
  • Customizable to Road Width
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Designed for heavy traffic and intensive use
  • Manufactured from heavy gauge steel
  • Powder Coat finishing
  • Assembled, tested and adjusted in factory
  • according to client configuration

Customization option available


Sensitive sites, Banks, Embassies, Shopping Plazas, Military Bases, Ports, Airport Premises, Strategic Industries, Border Control



Developed and manufactured by engineers with significant experience in the fields of security and access control. Assembled and optimized in our R&D facilities to give maximum performance and durability, the UVSS is an ideal product for vehicular traffic surveillance using advanced technology.