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automatic door maintenance

Automatic Door Repairing Tips

Automatic doors can be used almost everywhere, where people passage is possible. Such as Hospitals, Public Buildings, Restaurants, Shopping Centers. It is very useful in all types of buildings. They encourage the access and transit of people and vehicles, getting an incredible experience for the clients. But the question is how can we repair an automatic door if it stops working or gets stuck in its movement?

In most cases, we will face a problem with the drive units. The drive unit has two parts.



It can happen that the motor or controller of the door is damaged and must be rectified or replaced. For this, we advise visiting the technical support page.

The technical service will take care of the repair of the drive unit or any other mechanical part that requires it servicing. There may be several causes. For example, the door jams, that the motion sensor not properly working or that the remote control system has stopped working.

Whether it is a swing, roll-up, or automatic sliding operator, it is essential to contact the technical assistance service so as not to enlarge the problem with a bad or inaccurate repair.Techno-One technicians are well qualified & professionals who will use the best possible solution and tools for the arrangement.

Techno-One technicians will inspect the status of the door and its engine and examine its adjustments to resolve the issue.

The maintenance of the automatic doors, when having electrical elements, is necessary at regular intervals It is not enough to install the door and forget. According to the number of people who cross this type of passage, constant openings, and closures. It requires technical service to review the products.

Happy Automation!