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Benefits of RFID Based Vehicle Access Control System eVACS

The RFID based Vehicle Access Management Systems are operating for residential complexes, offices and other public areas. The purpose of these systems is to provide a safe and secure access control solutions for car parks, entranaces at the gates and related areas.

RFID technology uses radio waves to identify objects without physical contact or the need for line-of-sight. This makes it possible to identify people and vehicles using RFID card badges or car tags, which can be read through a window from a distance of up to 12 meters. The advantages of RFID based eVACS are its features like central management system, ease of installation, low power consumption and non invasive installation. This system also provides greater security against unwanted intruders due to the access control restrictions it provides with the vehicle detection sensors installed at entrances or exits of the facility.

eVACS is a mature and reliable solution for vechile access management at Housing Societies, Residential Complexes and Car Parks and other areas like that. This system is not only cost-effective but also easy to install as well as maintain.

This RFID based Vehicle Access Management Solution can be installed at entrances, parking spots, pavement areas, and pedestrian walkways of the society. It not only facilitates the security in restricted areas such as parking lots but also enables quick intake process for guests.

A small embedded RFID reader is installed on the entrance door which detects car tags that have been passed through by vehicles. The system will automatically open the Barrier once a valid tag has been detected.

eVACS Solution is comprised of following components

1- Barrier

2- Access Controller

3- Vehicle Detector

4- Traffic Light

5- UHF Car Tag

Above mentioned components are the integral parts of Solution. Additional components can be accomodated to add an extra layer of security.