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Choosing the most suitable automation for your gate

Automatic doors can be used almost everywhere, where people passage is possible. Such as Hospitals, Public Buildings, Restaurants, Shopping Centers.It is very useful in all types of buildings.Thanks to the automatic gate is no longer necessary get off the car to get into your home.It has become an option which ensures greater safety of person.

The right choice to automate a sliding gate must be made on the basis of simple parameters:

  • Weight of the gate.
  • Type of use : Residential,Condominium or Industrial.
  • Number of operations per day or number of users.

So considering the various possibilities we can distinguish three large case series:

1.Gate of small dimensions in simplex or duplex context:

The ideal is an automation for residential use capable of driving gates up to 500 or 800 kg.

2.Frequent use in communal environment:

In case of intensive use, exist automatism capable of handling frames up to 1200 kg even at low voltage.

3.Intensive use for large gates:

In case of medium and large sliding gates and multi-user environments.It is possible to choose automation designed for gates from 12q, 18q, 20q, 25q and up to 40q.Both single and three phase.

When choosing an automation. You have to make sure your system meets the current standards EN 12454/12453. You can choose a low voltage automation that uses the Encoder technology (for greater control of thrust force) and which will also allow you to use an optional battery in cases of power failure.

Given the wide choice of operators to automate a sliding gate .We always recommend consulting a professional installer who, after a brief on-site inspection, will be able to advise you.

It is a good practice making an automation check every 6 or 12 months. If you ask any query about the automatic door and any issue keep visit our technical support page.