MOVE SMD150 Automatic Sliding Door System

Simple and Easy to Install

  • up to 150 kg door weight
  • Tested up to 1 Milion cycles
  • Long-lasting automation with 24 V DC motor with built-in Encoder
  • Entrapment detection system
  • Ideal design for Building Automation
  • On-Board control adjustments
  • Remote Control



MOVE SMD150 is a simple and easy to install automatic sliding door in Pakistan.Additionally, it is manufactured according to European standards, SMD150 automatic sliding door can be used almost everywhere, where people passage is at a higher frequency. Such as Hospitals, Public Buildings, Restaurants, Shopping Centers.SMD150 automatic door can be used in Framed and Frame-less configurations and can be used equally in domestic and commercial environments.

In Short, SMD150 is a simple automatic sliding door in Pakistan and efficient installation.

SMD150 Automatic Sliding Door:

Characteristics of SMD150:

1. Motor unit
The DC brush-less motor with small size and high power. Furthermore, It is used to reduce the gearbox system with high transmission efficiency and low noise, and then drive the belt. The motor drive pulley metal made and has a long service life.

When the automatic doors are closing.if the door meets a pedestrian or obstacle. In that case, the door leaf will reverse automatically, the door will open immediately, it prevents pinching events and door damaged, also improves the automatic door working life.

Product Feature:

1. Microprocessor control technology and advanced mechanical manufacturing.

2.  Automatic adjustment of door leaf operation and manual adjustment when necessary.

3. Automatic Opening and closing of door smoothly low noise.

4. Brushless motor with long service life.

5. Two-door interlocking and electric lock function with support multiple access control systems.

6. Dual Purpose for light and heavy door leaves, with a great load  capacity

7. Installation is simple.


1.  Easy to install and Maintain.

2. Up to 150 kg door and weight.

3. Tested Up to 2 Million Cycles.

4. Long-lasting automation with the 24 V DC motor with built-in encoder.

5. Entrapment Detection System.

6. Ideal design for Building.

7. On-Board control adjustments.

8. Remote Control.


1. Mode: Single-leaf and Double-leaf.

2. Limited Weight: ≤150kg,≤125kg x 2.

3. Power voltage: AC220±10%, AC110±10%, 50-60Hz.

4. Sensor mode: Such as Various microwave/ infrared sensors, mechanical keys, palm/foot inductive switch, fire warning, disable button, etc…

5. Opening speed: 200-450mm/S(adjustable).

6. Closing speed: 200-450mm/S(adjustable).

7. Hold-open time: 0-8S(adjustable).

8. Door width: 750-1600mm/650-1250mm.

9. Environment temperature: -20 ~ +50°C.

10.Low noise less than 55db.

11.Test: 2 million times test passed, CE & ISO.

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  • up to 150 kg door weight
  • Tested up to 1 Milion cycles
  • Long-lasting automation with 24 V DC Brushless motor with built-in Encoder
  • Entrapment detection system
  • Ideal design for Building Automation
  • Remote Control


  • Plug & Play connectors
  • On board programming controls
  • Automatic self-learning start-up mode, with auto detection of weight and end limits.
  • Easy and accurate settings with onboard programming.
  • Switching power supply covering a wide range of electric voltages (110 V÷220 V ±10% 50/60 Hz)
  • Easy adjustment of trolleys and belt


Smart design: slim and comfortable!

With a neutral and pleasant aesthetic it meets the requirements of modern buildings.


All types of Commercial and Industrial Entrances.